Star Blondes Today

So, Star Blondes Today! Most celebrities go for a variety of tricks and experiments with appearance to attract attention. And yet there is something permanent in the world: many stars are ready to change hairstyles and makeup, but they can hardly give up on the blond. This hair color is refreshing and, as a rule, makes its owner a bit younger.

 Star Blondes Today Nicole Kidman

Star Blondes Today! At 47, Nicole Kidman looks gorgeous, and every star appearance is a real event. The other day, Nicole appeared in her usual feminine look at the CMT Music Awards, and we decided to make out in detail how the actress’s makeup and hairstyle were created.


Nicole Kidman for many years prefers a warm honey shade blond. This color will suit girls with the same fair skin as that of an actress – it creates a pleasant contrast and allows you not to look pale.

The actress wears an elongated front car, which looks very feminine and gives plenty of imagination for different styles. This time, Nicole’s stylist created soft feminine waves framing the face. Pay attention that all the strands of different lengths – such a cascade allows the styling to look most impressive. You can also repeat this hairstyle by winding your hair with wide curling.


In recent years, Nicole’s face has undergone noticeable changes. And although the actress swears that she no longer uses Botox injections, it is simply impossible not to notice the intervention of cosmetologists and surgeons. But you need to pay tribute to the professionalism of makeup artist Kidman – he managed to create a perfectly even tone of the face of a delicate pink shade, which noticeably reduces the age.

In the makeup of the eyes were used shining gray shadows – their hue emphasizes the color of the eyes of the actress. The inner eyelid is highlighted by a bright paramour pencil, which makes the look fresh and expressive. At the same time, Nicole’s make-up, as always, does not look bright and natural at all.

The final touch in the creation of this image was quite saturated pink lipstick, which, however, does not over-attract attention to itself and looks quite natural.

Jessica Simpson

So, Star Blondes Today-Jessica Simpson wears a blonde of the most “correct” ashy shade – her hair looks very natural, and her hair color perfectly matches skin tone. By the way, Jessica herself experimented more than once with a blonde, and not always successfully, but in the end, the star managed to find “her own” version.

Nicki Minaj

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So, Star Blondes Today-Nicki Minaj’s style is bold and provocative. Of course, the platinum blonde that the singer wears cannot look natural on a dark-skinned girl. However, Niki decided to take a chance and did not lose: the image was harmonious and bright. The stylist of the star decided not to stain the roots so that the hairstyle would not “conflict” with the skin tone and brow tint.

Miley Cyrus

Previously, Star Blondes Today-Miley Cyrus was a bright red-haired girl with long hair, but for the sake of a new scandalous image, the singer had to change. Now Miley wears a short haircut and a platinum blonde, and that is exactly what millions of fans love.

Gwen Stephanie

The most loyal fan of platinum blond singer star blondes today-Gwen Stefani. Even during the time of the group No Doubt, Gwen dyed her hair in different colors (they were even pink and blue), but having started her solo career she stopped at blonde – this shade became her calling card.

Sienna Miller

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Sienna Miller never cheated on her blond hair, but recently the actress decided to dye her hair into the more cool and calm shade. Previously, she preferred the yellowish and honey options. It is worth noting that the hair color, which now wears Sienna, looks great on tanned girls.

Pamela Anderson

The Malibu Rescuers star, Pamela Anderson, was always blonde – this hair color formed the basis of her sexy look. The actress changes the haircuts and styling but does not like to experiment with coloring. True, recently, Pam still tried to become a brown-haired woman, but very soon she realized that it was not for her, and she repainted back into blonde.

LOS ANGELES – AUGUST 22: Actress Pamela Anderson attends the 35th Annual “Hollywood Stars Night” Celebrity Baseball Game on August 22, 1992 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)

Star Blondes Today – Christina Aguilera

So, Star Blondes Today-Christina Aguilera began her career as a platinum blonde and has not changed her hair color since the days of Genie in a Bottle. In the last couple of years, Christina’s life has been full of events: she recovered greatly, lost weight with incredible efforts, then gave birth to a child and recovered again … In short, Christina is constantly changing and working on herself, but the platinum blond always remains with her.

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