More About Star Blondes

More About Star Blondes Karlie Kloss

So, More About Star Blondes! Victoria’s Secret “Angel” Karly Kloss prefers a warmer blond shade than other characters in our review. Previously, Carly and did rely on blond hair but recently realized that she wanted to be a blonde. It seems to us that the model is very coming to her new color!

Ashle Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s sister, singer Ashlee Simpson, loves extremes. Once a star dyed her hair the color of a blacker raven wing, and then suddenly decided on the most cardinal coloring – from a burning brunette to a platinum blonde. He was in the beauty biography of Ashley and bright red, but that experiment can hardly be considered successful.

Rita Ora

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Extravagant Rita Ora can afford the most daring reincarnations. By nature, Rita is a brunette, but lately, the star has been lightening her hair. At the same time, the singer does not try to create the effect of “naturalness” – Ora does not consciously repaint black eyebrows in a lighter shade and even leaves slightly regrown hair roots.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock (8988120dj)
Rita Ora
Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 08 Aug 2017

Michelle Williams

Another star girl, the mention of which inevitably reminds of Marilyn Monroe, is Michelle Williams, who played the Hollywood legend of the past century in the film “7 Days and Nights with Marilyn”. In the appearance of Michel, many features make her similar to Marilyn, including platinum hair. Michelle has this shade very much, and she can safely play with the styling – the actress sometimes curls her square, then wears straight hair.

Lady Gaga

Bolder and more extravagant Lady Gaga in the starry sky, perhaps there is no one. On the constancy in the choice of hair color in the case of this diva cannot speak, but then Lady Gaga demonstrates the most original solutions. For example, her entry to the Grammy Awards showed that blond can be extremely cold, almost gray, resembling gray hair. Strangely enough, this trend has taken root and is gaining momentum!

Charlize Theron

Beauty Image: Charlize Theron at the Critics’ Choice TV Awards
39-year-old Charlize Theron is able to correctly highlight its natural beauty. The actress, who for several years now represents the Dior brand, always chooses make-up of calm tones, and creates hairstyles concise and at the same time very stylish.

Charlize was the main star of the Critics’ Choice TV Awards, for which she chose a simple and elegant look.


Charlize Theron emphasizes her gray-green eyes with brilliant green shadows. As a rule, we do not choose the shade of the shadows or the pencil according to the color of the eyes, but in this case, the make-up of the actress turned out perfect! The make-up artist of the star emphasized the lower eyelid with the help of brown eyeliner, creating an expressive and volume make-up of the eyes. Since the emphasis is on the eyes, the actress just put on her lips with a transparent sheen.

It is noteworthy that Charlize, contrary to all fashion trends, prefers rather narrow eyebrows to broad ones and tints them 2–3 tones darker than the hair color. This option is also suitable for girls with elegant features that do not want to “weight” their image with wide eyebrows.


This season, intricate hairstyles, tight curls and “Hollywood” waves are irrelevant. That is why Charlize Theron made an ordinary tail, smoothly combing her hair and dividing them into a side parting. This version of the hairstyle, both evening and every day, will suit girls with an elongated oval face. Take note!

Courtney love

Rock star and once the muse of Kurt Cobain Courtney Love rarely boasts a perfect hairstyle – on the star’s head there is always a “creative mess” that is part of her rock image. For many years, Courtney has been wearing a platinum blonde for many years, but usually leaves her hair roots dark. This technique is suitable for those who want to create a relaxed and a bit hooligan image.