Has Megan gone under the surgeon’s knife?

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Rumors. For some time now, rumors of about Megan Fox Plastic Surgery have kept flying around. Some of the purported surgeries are breast augmentation, cheek fillers and botox injections. Is this celeb actually one of the famous celebs who went under the knife?

Rumors of Megan Fox plastic surgeries have hit airways owning to the changes in looks now. The celeb appears quite different comparing her before after images, especially that of 200 and now. Her nose even looks different at present.

Take a look at this video of the celeb shot in 2009:

Megan Fox Interview 9/16/09

But the celeb keeps denying the rumors of cosmetic surgery. She stated that has never done under the surgeon’s knife to appear sexier. Look at her before after images and conclude for yourself.

During her early days, her face wore some acne scars but she wears a smoother face at present. Perhaps it is the magic of clever maquillage, nevertheless a nice job  done.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery and Breast augmentation

In 2010, the celeb’s tits turned extremely round which created a whole lot of talks that it was as a result of a boob job. Although, it has not been approved by her, images of her say it all.

The movie star’s nose has also seen some changes. The nose looks sharper with a narrower bridge now. It is obviously the work of a nose job.

We see some alterations in the celeb’s lips as well. They appear fuller recently.

Her face began to say goodbye to natural by the year 2010. Some lumps were as well showing which are usually as a result of insignificant use of fillers, The celeb appears weird now and that could be as a result of excess botox. Maybe the celeb ought to have consulted an expert for insight before taking that step.

In 2013, after an excessive use of fillers, in past years, we see the celeb’s face return to normal. Has she really said goodbye to the fillers?

Megan Fox attempted to trash out rumors of Cosmetic Surgery

The celeb uploaded some photos on Facebook to prove to speculators that if indeed botox were part of her, she would not have succeeded in wearing some expressions on her face. See the images below:

It was stated in Touch Weekly that the celeb has spent over $60,000 only facial cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Practitioner Comments on Megan Fox Cosmetic Surgery Speculations

Renowned NY cosmetic surgeon, Dr Matthew, comment that Megan seems to have considered some facial surgeries. He suspects the celeb to have worked on her nose as well because in past photos, her nose looked larger and wider than now. The celeb’s nose is significantly refined now.

Dr. Matthew passed a comment that the celeb’s lips are fuller now with higher cheekbone compared to what they looked like in previous years. Probably the work of Juvederm and Restylane.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery on the verge of failure?

Several cosmetic experts consider the celeb’s surgeries a failure. It is undoubtedly evident that between the years 2005 and 2010, the results of the surgeries were quite disappointing. However, there was a turnaround for her by the year 2014. It is probable that she consulted a more skilled practitioner and perhaps she got saved from the embarrassment.

Are The Movie Star Cosmetic Surgery Speculations True Or False?

Well, the above question will be difficult to answer as the celeb has not come out to announce the reality of all the speculations. Cosmetic practitioners who work with celebs could have been of help but it seems they lack the right to give out any info. There is nothing much to confirm the rumors, just a few cosmetic looks

The disparity in her images could be as a result of better maquillage or photo editing. No one knows. What are your views on the celeb’s cosmetic surgery rumors?

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