Do you suggest the celeb gets a replacement?

Aomi Muyock Teeth, Aomi is a movie star who hails from Switzerland. Her fame was brought alive by the role she played in the movie titled “Love”. Her fame can also be connected to her absent dents which are as a result of an accident. The celeb again lost three teeth in the course of a preparatory procedure prior to her presence at the Festival de Cannes: two incisors and one Cannes. So, Aomi Muyock Teeth!

Below is an image of her then:

Cast member Aomi Muyock poses during a photocall for the film “Love” out of competition at the 68th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, May 21, 2015. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard – RTX1DY5D

Another image of the celeb:

Regardless of Aomi’s dent problem, her beauty was still intact. The image below is a proof of her unfading beauty:

After the celeb had lost some dents, she still went further to do some modeling shots. Without doubts she was superb. Her lovely eyes do all the magic of taking every attention away from the missing dents gap. Below is a proof:

Unexpectedly, she appeared with the missing dent gap filled! Here is an image of the celeb sticking out her tongue in front of the cameras. It is undoubtedly evident that she worked on the gap. Take a look at this:

Lastly, it will not be fair enough to dedicate all our attention to Aomi Muyock missing teeth photos. Let’s have a gaze at photos taken after the recovery of Aomi Muyock missing teeth. Look steadily and judge for yourself:

In a nutshell, Aomi still possessed a crown of beauty even with the dent gap being displayed. Yet still, do you suggest the celeb works more on the alignment of her dent? To a large extent, much fame knocked on her door due to the missing dent. Can we consider the missing teeth gap as a memorial for Aomi? It is good thing to have filled the vacuum. What opinion have you on Aomi Muyock missing teeth? Was fixing it an awesome idea?