2Who is this superstar?

Michael Jackson Non-Stop Plastic Surgery. The superstar happens be a well-known instrumental being in the universe. The star is a big-gun in the field of music and in the movie industry. He hails from the USA. Close to 4 decades, the superstar had his name inscribed on the bill of prominence owing to his all significant aspect of his life, especially music.

The celeb was on the team labeled the Jackson 5, a team of siblings. In the early 70s, he detached himself to be a solo musician. Over some period of time, popularity and recognition never departed from his doorstep. In the 80s, the superstar some tracks which became big-hits. Tracks like Thriller, Beat It as well as Billie Jean.

The star’s name changed to the King of Pop. He made a great musical move in the universe which got the hearts of many. Numerous albums were vended. The superstar was a receiver of numerous major prices. He even got his name inscribed in the Guinness book of records.

Somewhere in the year 2009, the superstar passed on suddenly leaving an unperformed concert where numerous tickets sold out. The tribunal adjudged that, the star’s death was the aftermath of drug-abuse which after the heart, compelling it to stop beating.


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      Yes, I absolutely agree with you. And I also really love michael, his work! But alas, he is no longer with us, but his songs will always sound for us! Thank you!

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